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A Call to Action

Apathy is fueled by silence. That is why it is called "A Voice for Change." Use Your Voice!

Time to Take Back Our Future!

The Movement for Change

The time for change is upon the Northern Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. The members have been denied their voice and transparency has been lacking. The current council has acted unethically in the treatment of tribal members and employees.  They assume powers not granted to them under the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska's Constitution.  They use law and order codes to add to their power and take away the members' rights.

The tribe is currently being sued by the previous CEO of health with alarming claims against chairwoman Candace Schmidt, among others. If any of these allegations are true, our leadership has a severe problem. There is an abuse of power, and micromanagement abounds. 

Recalls and referendums are the path forward for change.  While these are circulating, the Tribal Council just passed a resolution changing the recall process. They expect members to believe it is just a coincidence and unrelated. Are you buying what they are selling?

The current tribal council has retaliated against the people behind the recalls by removing them from boards under a "restructure." Is there nothing fishy here? 

Together, change is possible. Together, we can make history while we protect our future. It is time to give the members of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska back their voices.  If we step forward together and demand change, retaliation becomes difficult.  Will you be a vehicle for change?

Come make history while securing our future!

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