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Who are we?

Ponca Voices


We are members of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska!

This is not an official site of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  This is a member-led site allowing us the opportunity to share information, and to assemble.  

Why Assemble?

Enrolled members of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska who are registered voters have the power to change our Constitution. We can recall council representatives and correct where the tribe is currently headed.

The Tribal Council controls the Newsletters, social media, and official websites. They elect members to the boards and even direct employees. Close relatives serve on boards while qualified members are turned away. They choose to hire and fire for prominent positions that significantly affect the tribe. They control many aspects and are not transparent.  They do not follow the operating agreements put in place and even change operating agreements without following proper protocol (OSNI LLC Operating Agreement, for example). There is a large gap in financial transparency and no transparency with the Casino's financials. 

While many households struggle to make ends meet, the tribal council representatives vote for their raises, ask for benefits as if council representatives are full-time employees, and take over boards and absorb the board pay (PGE Board). Meanwhile, they do not provide equality in the treatment of members in and out of the service areas.  They do not hold each other accountable for providing consistent benefits or gifts, even in the different districts. We are somehow supposed to be ok with getting far less in the outside districts in District Two, for example. 

The shared files page has proof of such claims and more.  There is no time like the present to remind the Tribal Council who they serve. . . the members. It is time to assemble.  The Constitution needs to be reviewed again, and the Law and Order Codes must be scrutinized. We need to gather together to have the numbers to create positive changes for our tribe and our leadership.


To Create a Better Future

It is time to fix what is broken. No longer are Poncas to be treated differently because of where they live or who they are related to. Checks and balances are needed to prevent corruption and the ability for any tribal council representative, current or future, to have more power than what is deemed necessary by the members they serve.

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