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Stories are meant to be told and not silenced!

As breathing bodies and living souls every day we walk the planet we have a sacred mission to do what Creator called us to do, be, become - to serve, represent, grow and overcome.  The testimony we give at the end of our lifetimes is shaped by what we do in each moment.   There are no secrets - Creator knows our hearts, our minds, our souls - our path.  The choices we make, attitudes we have and sides we take, impact everyone not just ourselves, but our families, our friends, employees - the very identity and integrity of our Northern Ponca Tribe.  

We are at a pivotal moment in our Ponca Tribe of who we are today and tomorrow to make sure it aligns with the sacrifices so hard fought yesterday by our ancestors who blazed all of the unknown pathways to get us to where we are today.  Just as the previous 7 generations of shaped us in identity and history, we are directly shaping and impacting the 7 generations of our tribal future....right now.  

All Tribes - all people have a story - a factual story and part of advancing as a Tribe is to get the facts of integrity correct, to be transparent and to honor the constitution and law and order code that provide us the framework to share and advance in a legal and equitable manner.  Look beloved Ponca Members this is being dismantled before our very eyes - real time - right now.  We used to think the enemy was the outside forces trying to dismantle us and lessen who we are and break our spirit, our existence and advancements but WE are doing it to ourselves - every one of us is involved.  The very ones voted in on TC who are to best represent us - fairly, accurately and openly are in recalls because they are deceiving us - abusing their individual and collective responsibility.  They are trying to silence us in our voices, our actions and our needs by changing even these basic principles to keep the Tribe in balance.  

Technology while it enables us to be more connected in a variety of platforms it doesn't mean that the facts are being shared.  It is so easy to post something thinking it is correct yet we haven't engaged in our own reading, our own fact checking and as a result we get misled, misaligned and misspoken.

We have got to do better - we need to be aware.  We can't sit on the sidelines hoping someone will do the work for us whether it is a vote, a letter, attending meetings - Ponca Strong means Ponca Vibrant - it is a call to action for each of us no matter where we live - we have got to be engaged in what is happening in every activity and business of our Ponca Tribe from the casino to health services to tribal affairs.  

We need our leaders as TC and employees to be transparent with the accounting of monies, services and outcomes.  We can't have individuals on the inside hiding, changing and recreating initiatives and projects previously approved to reinforce their own agendas and desires.  We are a TRIBE OF ALL NOT A TRIBE OF ONE OR A TRIBE OF A HANDFUL.  We are a Tribe that is to best represent the needs and ages of all Ponca Members not loyalty to a few.

When we tell our children and grandchildren to have pride in who we are - we should be sharing real time examples of unity and prosperity!  When we tell them to seek the best education, to be leaders and entrepreneurs and vendors and then we bury these successes, opportunities and stories - what are we doing?  Who are we becoming.  We have got to change!  

The call to action is now - Let's not allow our Constitution to be Taken From Us - Don't Let the Law and Order Codes be Stripped!  Don't allow fraud to happen in any form.

1. Be engaged - meetings, voting, sharing and searching for facts and truth.

2. Be a positive voice for change 

3. Support and not tear down  - build up 

It counts - it means everything!

History notes there are Lost Tribes from existence lets not be a lost tribe in existence.  

What is your story - how can you make a positive difference that will speak about who the real Northern Ponca Tribe is!

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